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Ever Wondered Why You Hate Visiting Political Campaign Websites? Normal Modes Knows

In Uncategorized on November 4, 2011 at 10:34 am

Bullpen’s PR Magic Shares Normal Modes’ Brilliance with the World

What a fun week! Got to work with my awesome client Normal Modes on its fabulous new user experience study of GOP presidential contenders’ websites. As epolitics.com‘s Colin Delany put it, “when a campaign has months to prepare and is spending millions of dollars, it has absolulely no excuse for a sloppy or poorly planned website.”

The study also is also a top story at Campaigns & Elections:

As tech-savvy Republicans take to the Web to discover more about their potential nominees, some don’t like what they see. According to a new study of the usability of six of the GOP presidential candidates websites, respondents said information was hard to come by and they often found themselves rushed to donate to the campaign.

“It’s like dating. They’re trying to jump the gun and rush to marriage, when they should be thinking about the first date,” says Angela Schmeidel Randall, president of Normal Modes, the Houston-based firm that conducted the study. “These websites are built around the campaign objectives, like raising money, rather what’s important to the people visiting the websites. There’s a way to balance campaign objectives with voter needs and motivations, but instead what you have campaigns and voters at a standoff.”

Interested in learning more? You can download the entire study for free here or watch a presentation of its highlights here.

I’m looking forward to watching the campaigns take note and make a few changes!

Well done, Normal Modes!


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