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Yet another reason to call Solvate: Don’t work your staff to death

In Uncategorized on August 12, 2011 at 9:34 am

Knowing When to Let Your Staffers Say “When”

When most people think of hiring a freelancer, they think of bringing in a professional to do something that no one on their staff knows how to do.

That’s an excellent use of Solvate Talent, for sure. But it’s not the only use.

Say you need some copy written for an annual report, but your communications director looks at you like ‘If you really think I can get that to you before Christmas, think again.’

That’s another good time to call Solvate.

Solvate’s pre-screened talent pool is made up of consummate professionals who know how to get the job done. We are experienced at stepping into situations (without stepping on toes). Workflow has an annoying tendency to bundle together now and then, and there’s only so much stretching your staff members can do without affecting the quality of their work (or losing their minds).

You may also want to “staff-up” during your busiest time of the year, preferably beforethe communications director gives you “that look.” Maybe you hold an annual fundraising event and could use some extra PR assistance for a month leading up to it.

Maybe your business is fairly cyclical and you know that you get behind on certain things quarterly — it makes sense to try to head that off at the pass. Or maybe you have someone getting ready to go on medical or personal leave and need to keep things running but don’t want to have to perform a search for a temporary replacement. All good situations for hiring Solvate talent.

Investing in additional resources for your regular team means less costly turnover for your business and a better end product. It also shows your staff that you understand and appreciate the demands on their time… and everyone loves a considerate boss.

If you’ve noticed your staff is looking unusually haggard lately, give Solvate a call. The Solvate Team can help match your needs with the right Solvate Talent for the job, and soon you’ll be back on track.

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