Hilary Parker

The Wake Goes for 200th Win

In Uncategorized on August 3, 2011 at 5:24 pm

In just a few short moments, knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, will take the mound for Boston in an attempt to earn his 200th career win. I’m on pins and needles, folks. Sure, some say that because this is the second time he’s gone for 200, it’s less special. Not for me.

First of all, the knuckler is pure poetry. It’s not about speed, or force, and it’s certainly not about ego. But it is about cunning, and willpower, and grace. A knuckleballer will make even the least god-fearing manager offer a fervent prayer. It’s David in a game of increasingly juiced Goliaths. And Tim is a fantastic representative of what it means to throw the knuckler: Humble (and it will make you that!), hardworking, and earnest. He knows he’ll never truly control the pitch, but he’s made his peace with the lack of certainty. He’s started. He’s been a middle reliever. He’s even mopped up at the end of a game or two. Wake is such a team player that he’s sat out his start without complaint in big games when the manager wanted the fastball pitcher or a southpaw to start.

And in a world of ego-driven, me-first players,that’s nothing short of amazing.

Ooh… game’s underway! First pitch? A strike.

Good luck, Tim.


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