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My latest blog for client Solvate.com (and a really good argument for hiring me… hint, hint)

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Sticker Shock? Try Value Shock

When my non-freelance friends ask me about how my business is going, they’re always curious about my hourly rate. Some are too polite to bring it up. Others ask blatantly and then say things like, “Wow, wouldn’t it be nice if I earned that much an hour!”

Yes, it would be nice — if I earned that rate for the roughly 60 hours of work I do every week. But that’s not how freelancing works. Freelancing is different than traditional jobs. I don’t get to charge each of my working hours to a client. Instead, I do a ton of keeping up-to-date on trends in my industry and then put that knowledge to work when a client calls. I also have billing and prospecting to do, not to mention banking, paperwork, shopping for supplies, networking… The list goes on. Then there’s the pro bono work I do, which is really important to me but not something I get to bill for, either. And I’m not sure how most freelancers do it, but I usually don’t charge for quick client e-mails, either… And just managing my inbox could be a full-time job.

I’ve had a few people express sticker shock at my hourly rate — but they were surprised by the bang-for-their-buck value of my work. In fact, I recently had to raise my rate with one of my Solvate clients because of new demands on my time, and she said, “You tell me what you need, and I’ll pay it.” That’s because she knows what a bargain it is to hire Solvate talent. We bring our insight, experience and can-do spirit to the table each and every time.

So the next time you’re browsing our Solvate talent profiles, remember all the hours of preparation that go into that rate — and smile, knowing you’re getting a great value.


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