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The Ninja Freelancer (wrote this for my awesome client, Solvate.com)

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By Hilary, July 13th, 2011

The Ninja Freelancer

Several of my clients were new to working with freelancers — and the Solvate model — when they first hired me. They had a rough idea what they needed, but no idea how to get there. They also had another thing in common: They were worried about keeping their costs down. Don’t worry, I told them. We freelancers strike like a team of ninjas: We’re quick, efficient and extremely results-driven. (Wait… Is “team” even the right term for more than one ninja?)

Here are three facts you should know when considering hiring a Solvate freelancer:

1. Hiring a freelancer allows you to choose exactly the right tool for the job.
Of course, I just called myself a “tool.” But I’m OK with that as long as you get my point: Don’t hire a staffer who’s got only some or even most of the qualifications and experience you’re looking for. That’s settling — and it comes with additional costs in terms of time spent managing and training that person… not to mention paying his or her benefits. Instead, reach out to the screened and fabulous Solvate network of professional freelancers and have your pick of top talent with exactly the skills you need.

2. You get better work from an hourly freelancer than you do from most salaried employees.
Why? Because we, too, are running a business, and we want you to love our services, hire us again and recommend us to your friends and colleagues. Not to lean too hard on the ninja metaphor, but did you ever see a ninja lolling around at the water cooler rather than getting his work done?

3. We care about your bottom line.
When your business does well, we stand to get more work. But more importantly, a freelancer is only as good as his or her portfolio, so we’re very careful to put only our best work out there. That’s why we’ll refer you to a fellow freelancer if we’re not a great fit for your project or point out potential roadblocks that we’ve experienced while working on previous projects.

These three facts are why the formal work model of offices, salaries and titles is slowly disintegrating. Freelancing ninjas are right for the job, a great bang-for-your-buck investment and always have your back.

Ready to find your freelance ninja? Start your search today, or request to work with Hilary directly here.


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